Twenty First Sunday after Pentecost

Service Time: 11:00AM

October 14, 2018

We Gather in God’s Name


Ringing of the Steeple Bell


Welcome and Announcements


Prelude                     Preludio Religioso        Susan Brewster



Call to Worship


Let us start this service well, by reminding ourselves:

That it is not we who chose Christ,

but Christ who chose us,

That we are not here because of our goodness

but because of Christ’s grace,

That we are not here to enlighten ourselves,

but to allow Christ to enlighten us,

That we have not come to be entertained

but to worship God with heart, soul, mind and strength.


Hymn           Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise          263

Prayer of Confession

God, You heap your love upon us

like a parent providing for a family’s needs,

embracing a child with tenderness.


Forgive us

when, like spoiled children,

we treat Your generosity as our right,

or hug it possessively to ourselves.


Give us enough trust to live secure in Your love

and to share it freely with others

in open-handed confidence

that Your grace will never run out.  Amen.


Silent Prayer


Assurance of Pardon


Passing the Peace

           Let us greet each other saying:

                         May the peace of Christ be with you.’                    






Thanks and praise to you,

Jesus Christ, King and Lord of all,

given the name above every other name

Jesus, King and Lord of all,

we worship and adore you.


King of righteousness, King of peace,

enthroned at the right hand

of Majesty on high


Jesus, King and Lord of all,

we worship and adore you


Great high priest,

living for ever to intercede for us;


Jesus, King and Lord of all,

we worship and adore you.


Pioneer of our salvation,

you bring us to glory

through your death and resurrection;


Jesus, King and Lord of all,

we worship and adore you.


Every knee bows to you;

every tongue confesses,

you are King of kings

and Lord of Lords,

to the glory of God the Father.


Prayer of Illumination

Scripture       Hebrews 4:12-16   ~   Mark 10:17-31

Sermon             “All Things Are Possible”  Pastor Richie King

Hymn           Jesus, Thy Boundless Love for Me               366

Sharing Joys and Concerns

Prayer and the Lord’s Prayer

Offertory                    Brother James Air                          Choir

Hymn                           Take My Life                                 391




Postlude                           Scherzin                 Susan Brewster



     Today’s Altar F lowers were donated

    by Linda Clune in memory of Bobbie

   and Barbara McAdam in memory of  her mom.


October 15, 2018

Welcome To All !!


Fall Sunday service begins at 11 am.  Everyone is invited.


Bible Study starts again on October 7th at 9:30 at Fellowship Hall in the lower level of the Church. All are invited!   Light Breakfast served. 



Rotisserie Chicken Dinner

November 3rd, 2018

at the Church

5:00 PM to 8:00 PM 

$20 per ticket

Also the Fall Harvest Raffle Drawing 

Tickets Available call 631-734-7478 



Check us out on Facebook, too









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