Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost

Service Time: 10:00AM

August 12, 2018

We Gather in God’s Name


Ringing of the Steeple Bell


Welcome and Announcements


Prelude                                                                          Susan Brewster   


Call to Worship


I will praise God in every moment,

and through every situation.

Through my words and action,

my life will pay tribute to Him.

Whenever the poor and humble hear of His greatness,

they will celebrate, too!

Come and lift up God’s name with me;

let’s praise His name together!


Hymn                           To God Be The Glory                               485

Prayer of Confession

First of all, Everlasting God,

we must confess how we have not lived as your people.

We serve many masters—work, wealth, power, addictions—

yet find no hope in them.

We hear the cries of the poor,

and shut the doors of our hearts to them.

We ridicule those who expose their hopes and dreams to us.

Forgive us, Compassion's Heart,

and heal us of our brokenness.

Make us well, so that by our healing,

we might be the hope and love others need in their lives,

even as Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior,

brought these gifts to us,

calling us to be faithful with the grace, peace, and joy entrusted to us.

Silent Prayer


Assurance of Pardon

Passing the Peace

                     Let us greet each other saying:

                                         ‘May the Peace of Christ be with you.’




I believe that bread comes from grain

that grows in the wind

and the rain

with the farmers’ help

far from the eyes of city folk.


I believe that bread comes from love

the love of [God]

the love of the farmer

the love of the baker’s hands

the love of those who bring it to me.


I believe that bread can be

and should be broken

and shared

and given to all persons

until all have enough

and then some.


I believe that Jesus loved bread

and took it

and broke it

and blessed it

and fed his disciples

and asked them to feed us forever.


I believe enough in bread

to want it from Jesus

to want it to nurture me

to want his life through it

to want to give life through it.


I believe that his body as bread feeds me

and as part of his body

I want to be bread for others.

I believe the Spirit will help me

as well Jesus’ people. Amen.

Prayer of Illumination

Scripture       Psalm 130      Ephesians 4:25-5:2     John 6:35, 41-51

Sermon                         “We Can All Be Charlies” 

                                                                                    Pastor Richie King

Hymn                               Be Thou My Vision                                339

Sharing Joys and Concerns

Prayer and The Lord’s Prayer



Hymn               Spirit of God, Descend Upon My Heart              326


Postlude                                                                          Susan Brewster

Today’s flowers were donated by the Wickham Family

in memory of their son, Joseph.


Let us also remember in our prayers Andrew McCaffrey who is one year in heaven.   













August 16, 2018

Welcome To All !!


Summer Sunday service begins at 10 am.  Everyone is invited.



Check us out on Facebook, too









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